Georgia Governor Signs Bill Allowing Ten Commandments Posted at all Public Buildings

By Kasey Jachim

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has signed an amended “historical display” law that will allow America’s founding documents as well as the Ten Commandments and the Magna Carta to be posted at schools and other government buildings in addition to the courthouses as the original bill allowed.

The new amended law allows the “Foundations of American Law & Government Display” to be publicly displayed in “all public buildings.”

The display includes the following documents:

  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Mayflower Compact, 1620
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • Magna Carta
  • ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ by Francis Scott Key
  • The National Motto: “In God We Trust”
  • The Preamble to the Georgia Constitution
  • The Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution
  • The description on the image of Lady Justice

From Godfather Politics:

Over the past couple of decades, atheists and liberal legals like the ACLU have been systematically forcing the removal of the Ten Commandments from government buildings including public schools.  They’ve used the premise of a supposed separation of church and state to rid the hallowed halls of government and education of the laws that God gave Moses on Mt Horeb (Sinai).

However, Christians and conservatives have learned from the court rulings that yanked the nails holding up the displays of the Ten Commandments out of the walls.  The courts said that the Ten Commandments could not be displayed alone in schools or government buildings because it represented a religion, but if it was displayed with other documents as part of the historical display, then it was legal to do so.

In 2006, the Georgia legislature passed The Foundations of America Law and Government bill that would allow a display of historical documents in courthouses.  The displays consisted of the Declaration of Independence, the National Motto, the Preamble of the Georgia State Constitution, the Bill of Rights, The Mayflower Compact, Magna Carta, a description of Lady Justice and the Ten Commandments.

The bill was challenged in court and was ruled to be a legal display since it contained various documents of historical significance and not a religious display.  Since the The Foundations of America Law and Government bill stood up in court, the state legislature amended the 2006 law to expand the displays from the courthouses to all government buildings which includes schools and even prisons.  Georgia Governor Nathan Deal readily signed the newly amended bill.

The one provision of the bill is that the display cannot be purchased with government funds, they must be privately paid for and then donated to the respectful building or institution for display.

I would hope and pray that every other state in the country would follow Georgia’s example and pass similar pieces of legislation in their states so that private concerned citizens can work towards getting similar displays up in every school and courthouse in the land.

This is yet another step toward states’ rights and conservatives’ rights to free speech – way to go Governor Deal – I only hope Virginia will soon follow suit!

13 thoughts on “Georgia Governor Signs Bill Allowing Ten Commandments Posted at all Public Buildings

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  2. Seriously why is it against christians to not have “their” beliefs posted in a public place where every sex, race, and religious belief is, no one is taking christianity away from anyone they are just saying that a facility that is for the masses should be comfortable and open to ALL beliefs. Christians are so against anything they don’t understand everyone has the right to think and feel what they want and don’t deserve to be looked down upon for it. That is the biases of our government, not having God and the ten commandments in everything and everywhere is in NO WAY taking away anyone’s freedoms. God was only added to the pledge later it was not in the original version! Everyone still has the right to attend whatever church and believe whatever they want without fear of persecution! People need to get off their high horse thinking that they are the only one who matters, if you don’t like that you have the freedom to do what you want and think that only you should be allowed to worship as you see fit then maybe you should try to going to a country without those freedoms and see how you like it! And no the ten commandments posted does not offend me, but what does is that a majority of christians think that if their beliefs are not out there and in your face and being forced upon others then some how they are being persecuted when in fact they are not!

    • “if you don’t like that you have the freedom to do what you want and think that only you should be allowed to worship as you see fit then maybe you should try to going to a country without those freedoms and see how you like it! ” I deeply love the fact that I live in a country that allows freedom of speech and freedom of religion – and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way!!! Thank God we can post the Ten Commandments – that is what these freedoms stand for – why would you not want that? Or is it just Christians you want to complain about?

    • Bernadette Anna Goodpasture. You are upset over the 10 Commandments complaining about Christians. The Ten Commandments were given to Moses. This is a Holy JEWISH Document. Yes, Christians respect the 10 Commandments but Chrisitianity did not write them.

  3. Why do liberals fear the 10 commandments if they say they are just a harmless display? Every one of those commandments is also a part of the secular law we honor and respect today. Still liberals quake in their boots at the sight of this precious document. What scares me is when I see a muslim or a drug dealer driving in his car with an obummer bumper sticker on it!

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