ACORN Whistleblower and Ex-Liberal Anita Moncrief Discusses Voter Fraud and Racism at CPAC

By Kasey Jachim

I know everyone is busy and inundated with political videos and articles, I know I am.  However, I recently took time to watch the following two videos of Anita Moncrief, a former ACORN employee and whistleblower, at CPAC last September.  She discusses her journey of idealism and staunch liberalism to cynicism and disillusion of the liberal left – her journey from liberalism to conservatism.  She claims she was ignored by every liberal, and supposedly unbiased, news media she attempted to contact regarding ACORN’s voter fraud efforts and Obama’s small donor list.  ACORN was supposed to contact these small donors who legally maxed out on their donations to Obama and convince them to donate to ACORN.  ACORN would then use the funds to elect Obama.  The only one who paid attention to her was FOX News – no surprise there!

She also discusses racism and that, as an insider, she realized that racism was coming from the left and not the right.  Although she voted for Obama and wanted him to succeed, she realized that he had surrounded himself with Socialists like Hilda Solis (Card Check), Kathleen Sebelius (Universal Health Care), and Leon Panetta (ACORN and Socialist ties).  “I started to think ‘if everyone around you is corrupt, how can you be a good guy?’  I realized that Obama wasn’t being basically railroaded by these Socialists – he was a Socialist.”

Please take the time to watch the following two videos (Part I and Part II) of her speech – she lays it all out there.  Each video is around ten minutes and well worth your time!
Part I

Part II

Obama Meets Virginia Protestors at Campaign Stop – VA Will be RED Again!

By Kasey Jachim

President Obama held a campaign event in Centreville, Virginia on July 14th, prompting about 250 local residents to welcome him.  His ‘you didn’t make it on your own’ speech was the nail in his coffin in VA – we will be RED again!

Virginians have sacrified much for the freedom and liberty of our great country. Our founding fathers pledged their honor, lives, and fortunes so that we may enjoy these blessing and we intend to fight to the end to keep them!!!  We will reclaim our conservatism and make Washington, Jefferson, Madison, & Mason proud!

Obama Campaign Gears Up For Massive Voter Fraud

By  Via The Western Center for Journalism

Charlie Rangel, flanked by high-level Democrats, recently strutted up to the microphone declaring himself the winner against Hispanic opponent Adrian Espaillat in the race for New York’s 15th Congressional District. At least until his opponent discovered that polling places were illegally asking voters for ID, were turning away pro-Espaillat voters, and even were reporting zero votes to suppress the counts.


What a shocker: Charlie Rangel was involved in massive voter fraud and intimidation.

No one is surprised, really. Far-Left “Progressive” (i.e., socialist) Democrats have been involved in these tactics for years. Like Obama, Rangel was endorsed by the Democratic Socialists of America in 1996. Like Obama, Rangel has deep ties to the unions and Alinsky (ACORN-style) groups that are the shock troops of voter fraud.

Imagine if the tactics used in the Rangel/Espaillat race were used on a national scale. Where the entire Democratic National Committee (DNC), all the major unions, and all the “Progressive” groups were engaged in a massive voter fraud and voter intimidation campaign.

Well, we don’t have to imagine it as this is what occurred in 2008 with Obama supporters during the Democratic Primary, as countless poll workers, Hillary Clinton supporters, and simple bystanders extensively reported.

And the mainstream media did what they do best and ignored it.

Now imagine all the previous groups banded together with the power of the Obama presidency, the power of the DOJ, the power of all aligned city governments, etc., involved in a repeat of what we witnessed in 2008.

We will have an attack on our election process that makes the ballot stuffing and intimidation of 2008 look like child’s play.

Do we think Eric Holder is running around the country blathering about the evil of voter ID laws because he cares about minority voters? Holder is nowhere to be found when Espaillat, a Hispanic, is calling foul.

The Obama campaign and Eric Holder’s DOJ are gearing up for a tidal wave of voter fraud and intimidation that will drown this country with a corrupt election beyond resuscitation.

Both Obama and Eric Holder need to be impeached before this can occur.

Herman Cain and Ken Blackwell to Eric Holder: States Should Not Have to Sue Government to Protect Citizens’ Sacred Right to Vote.

Herman Cain and Ken Blackwell join forces to protect your vote. Voter ID laws offer a “reasonable safeguard” to protect against voter fraud and ballot-box stuffing.

They want to know why Holder won’t prosecute those involved in voter intimidation but will sue states who are trying to protect against voter fraud!  According to Blackwell, “Protecting the integrity of the ballot box is essential to our democracy.”

Wisconsin Democrats Are Busing in Supporters From Michigan for Recall Vote (Video)

A man called into the Chris Plante Show today. He said Democrats are giving away free stuff to supporters who go vote in Wisconsin. The caller said Democrats have four buses coming into Wisconsin from Michigan to vote Democrat.

Hat Tip Gateway Pundit



I guess the Dems plan to win at all costs……but I am sure Eric Holder and his Justice Department will be there to prevent all attempts of voter fraud!

DEMOCRATS Arrested and/or Convicted of Voter Fraud

Kasey Jachim:

Indiana – 9; Florida – 10; New York – 7; Georgia – 12; North Carolina – 4; Illinois – 1 Illegal Alien; NAACP Executive Voted for Obama ten times in MS. And these are only the ones who got caught!


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Originally posted on UnPoliticallyCorrect's Blog:

Update: September 5, 2012

And the List of Democrats busted for vote fraud keeps growing. We can officially add THREE MORE Democrats to the list of those engaged in factual vote fraud that swayed a special election in Arkansas:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) – A Democratic state legislator from east Arkansas, his father and two campaign workers pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to commit election fraud after federal prosecutors said the lawmaker’s campaign bribed absentee voters and destroyed ballots in a special election last year.

Four MORE Democrats arrested for Voter Fraud in Indiana

Prosecutors in South Bend, Ind., filed charges Monday against four St. Joseph County Democratic officials and deputies as part of a multiple-felony case involving the alleged forging of Democratic presidential primary petitions in the 2008 election, which put then-candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Indiana ballot.

Update: February 3, 2012

A local Florida station…

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O’Keefe Voter Fraud Investigation: Young Man Offered Holder’s Ballot to Vote in Primary

By Breitbart News

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has declared that there is no proof that in-person voter fraud is a problem. He’s about to see proof that even he can’t deny.

In a new video (below) provided to, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas demonstrates why Holder should stop attacking voter ID laws–by walking into Holder’s voting precinct and showing the world that anyone can obtain Eric Holder’s primary ballot. Literally.

The video shows a young man entering a Washington, DC polling place at 3401 Nebraska Avenue, NW, on primary day of this year–April 3, 2012–and giving Holder’s name and address. The poll worker promptly offers the young man Holder’s ballot to vote.

The young man then suggests that he should show his ID; the poll worker, in compliance with DC law, states: “You don’t need it. It’s all right. As long as you’re in here, you’re on our list, and that’s who you say you are, you’re okay.”

The young man replies: “I would feel more comfortable if I just had my ID. Is it alright if I go get it?” The poll worker agrees.

“I’ll be back Faster than you can say Furious,” the young man jokes on his way out, in a reference to the Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal that has plagued Holder’s Department of Justice.

Holder has maintained that voter fraud is not a major problem in the United States, and that voter ID would not curb voter fraud in any case.

As Project Veritas has proven, voter fraud is easy and simple–and may be increasingly common in the absence of voter ID laws.

Project Veritas has already shown how dead people can vote in New Hampshire, prompting the state senate to pass a voter ID law; they’ve also shown people can use celebrity names like Tim Tebow and Tom Brady to vote in Minnesota, prompting the state legislature to put voter ID on the ballot as a constitutional amendment.


O’Keefe’s Latest: Voter Fraud Investigation Lands On Eric Holder’s Doorstep

In a shocking new video exclusive to, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas demonstrates to the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, just why he should be concerned about lack of voter ID laws – by walking into Holder’s voting precinct and showing the world that anyone can obtain Eric Holder’s ballot. Literally.

For more click here.

Voter Fraud: Research study suggests major election problems

By Jim Kouri via The Examiner

A major non-partisan research project suggests  that the U.S. is fast approaching the status of Third-World Nation when it comes  to the integrity of local and national elections.

“Our democratic process requires an effective system for maintaining  accurate voter registration information. Voter registration lists are used to  assign precincts, send sample ballots, provide polling place information,  identify and verify voters at polling places, and determine how resources, such  as paper ballots and voting machines, are deployed on Election Day” state Pew  Center statisticians.

These systems are plagued with errors and inefficiencies that waste  taxpayer dollars, undermine voter confidence, and fuel partisan disputes over  the integrity  of our elections, according to Pew researchers.

Voter registration in the United States largely reflects its 19th-century  origins and has not kept pace with advancing technology and a mobile society.  States’ systems must be brought into the 21st century to be more accurate,  cost-effective, and efficient, according to Pew Center statement.

Research commissioned by the Pew Center on the States highlights the  extent of the challenge:

* Approximately 24 million—one of every eight—active voter registrations in  the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.

* More than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as active  voters.

* Approximately 2.75 million people have active registrations in more  than one state.

Meanwhile, researchers estimate at least 51 million eligible U.S. citizens  are unregistered, or more than 24 percent of the eligible population.

The Pew study also found that the paper-based processes of most  registration systems present several opportunities for error.

In a typical system, election officials get information about a voter’s  identity, eligibility, address, and contact information through a form completed  at a public agency, such as a county election office or motor vehicles office,  or through an unregulated third party voter registration group, such as a  campaign or advocacy organization (ACORN, Project Vote).

These are sent to election offices, where the data often are manually  entered and names are added to the voter list. A voter must supply any change to  that information, such as a new address, name, or party affiliation, which is  usually manually entered and processed by election officials.

The study also identified:

* Approximately 12.7 million records nationwide that appear to be out of  date and no longer reflect the voter’s current information.

* More than 1.8 million records for people who are no longer living, but  have active registrations on voter rolls.

* About 12 million records with incorrect addresses, indicating that either  the voters have moved, or that errors in the information on file make it  unlikely the Postal Service can reach them.

Illegal alien voters

A study released by the conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation provides proof that  illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter  fraud in the United States.

Reports of ineligible persons registering to vote have raised concerns about  state processes for verifying voter registration lists. States usually base  voter eligibility on the voter’s age, US citizenship, mental competence, and  felon status.

Although individual states run elections, Congress has authority to affect  the administration of the elections. The Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA)  had set a deadline for states to have a statewide voter registration list and  list verification procedures, according to Heritage analysts.

For example, the methods used in seven  selected states to verify voter eligibility and ensure accuracy of voter  registration lists were varied and include relying on registrant self  attestation, return mailings, and checking against lists of felony convictions  or deceased individuals. Some states, for instance, failed to do any more than  ask on their application forms if the registrant was a US citizen. The applicant  will merely check off the “Yes” box, but there is no action taken to verify the  authenticity of that answer.

“The voter registration officials simply take the word of the registrant with  no follow-up,” said conservative political strategist Michael Baker.

“Some states that require some backup documentation merely ask for a utility  bill or a driver’s license — neither of which prove citizenship. In other words,  legal or illegal aliens can easily register to vote in local and national  elections,” warns Baker.

Voter fraud cases defy Democrats’ claims about election reform

By  in The Examiner

English: map of voter ID laws in US
Map of Voter ID Laws in US

Democrats have mounted a campaign to stop states from ensuring that voters have legitimate identification, claiming any changes to election laws will disadvantage minorities. For instance in Florida, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) called out the US Dept. of Justice over a state law aimed at third party voter registration drives, the number of days set aside for early voting and proper identification.

Florida’s law disadvantages no one—it is possible Nelson did not actually read the bill he is protesting. As for early voting days, the bill permits local elections supervisors to extend the hours for early voting but reduce the number of days in order to save taxpayer dollars.

Florida is an easy target for those who would commit fraud, because of the number of part-time residents in the state. States like Florida rely on information provided by the registrant’s home state. Considering dwindling state budgets, it’s safe to assume no state will expend sizable funds to make sure a resident doesn’t vote again in another state.

Voter fraud does exist; one Democrat was brave enough to acknowledge it.

Former Rep. Artur Davis (D-Ala.) came forward recently. The Daily Caller said Davis believes “anti-fraud measures are needed to protect African-Americans from corrupt political bosses — many of them African-Americans themselves — who run Democratic Party machines in the South.”

The conservative Red State website has a lot of content on this topic, with articles about voter fraud in a number of states. Other media have also covered incidents of voter fraud:

  • In Indiana, Mike Marshall, running a Get Out the Vote campaign to re-elect the Democrat mayor, was indicted on 65 counts of ballot fraud.
  • In Minnesota, where a review of the state’s database of registered voters revealed 2,812 dead people voted in the election that gave Al Franken a seat in the US Senate.
  • In Wisconsin where a conservative watchdog group raised questions about voters listed at a state senator’s properties; some votes were allegedly fraudulent.
  • In Texas, where of 25,000 registrations submitted by Houston Votes, only 1,793 were allegedly legal. The same week the voter fraud allegations surfaced, a fire occurred at the Harris County Elections Center.

Allegations of voter fraud are nothing new for Democrats. In his bestselling book The Dark Side of Camelot, Pulitzer Prize winning author Seymour Hersh provided many examples of the corruption that handed the White House to President John F. Kennedy.

Among those examples is an interview Hersh conducted with a former special prosecutor for the US Dept. of Justice, G. Robert Blakey. Blakey told Hersh that FBI wiretaps that had not been made public “confirmed that the Chicago Syndicate used all its muscle to support Kennedy.”

Hersh, a progressive, recounted Blakey’s allegations:

“There has been a problem with vote fraud in Chicago really since the turn of the century…The FBI bugs in Chicago demonstrated beyond doubt, in my judgment, that enough votes were stolen—let me repeat that—stolen in Chicago to give Kennedy a sufficient margin that he carried the state of Illinois. The electronic surveillance also showed that organized crime’s control of the voting was far more extensive than has been previously known…” [pg. 140]

Sen. Nelson and other Democrats concerns  about voting laws are suspect. Nelson and his fellow Democrats had nothing to say about a clear cut case of voter intimidation in Philadelphia where members of the New Black Panther Party showed up with weapons at a voting precinct in 2008. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder took little interest in seeking justice in that case.

Legacy media aligned with Democrats tend to give little coverage to stories about voter fraud. After all, it took 30 years for the truth to emerge about JFK whom media depicted as the prince of Camelot.

By  Conservative Examiner

K.B. Day is an independent journalist whose work has been published by The Christian Science Monitor, Human Events, The Writer and numerous others…

If a Fraudulent Vote Falls in the Woods . . .

By Christian Schneider

I admit, I squirmed a lot when I watched Bob Costa debate vote fraud on MSNBC last Friday. And it wasn’t because I was worried he was in danger of being lacerated by the jagged edges of one of Al Sharpton’s broken sentences.

It was uncomfortable watching the other lefty panelists try to out-smarm each other by beating Costa over the head with a new Brennan Center for Justice report that purportedly shows vote fraud to be nonexistent. The report points out that a minuscule 0.0002 percent of votes cast in Wisconsin in 2004 were “fraudulent,” each one resulting from an ineligible felon having voted.

The Brennan Center report has quickly gained traction among opponents of new state laws that require voters to show photo identification to vote. Stephen Colbert has routinely ridiculed those that believe vote fraud exists, warning that “our democracy is under siege from an enemy so small it could be hiding anywhere.” Liberals have used to the report to mock RNC chair Reince Priebus’ contention that Wisconsin is “riddled” with vote fraud, as he told MSNBC’s Martin Bashir.

The Brennan Center for Justice, of course, is funded by liberal billionaire George Soros. (As a bonus, the center boasts Words with Friends enthusiast Alec Baldwin as an advisory-board member.) And its report doesn’t withstand even the most cursory scrutiny.

I used to have a debate with one of my colleagues about which states were the most corrupt. He would show me a list of all the states with the most public corruption convictions and declare those states to be the worst in terms of ethics. I answered that he shouldn’t rely solely on arrest and conviction statistics. After all, wouldn’t it be a sign of corruption if all these ethical breaches were occurring and a state decided to look away and not arrest anyone? If that were the case, the most corrupt states would be the ones that didn’t enforce their corruption laws, where nobody was arrested. (As I recall, this particular argument ended with me dodging an airborne egg-salad sandwich.)

Similarly, mere statistics are a terrible way to determine whether vote fraud is occurring. Since the Brennan Center report deals with Wisconsin specifically, I’ll explain why in excruciating detail.

For one, under the previous Wisconsin law — which didn’t require voters to demonstrate who they were — vote fraud was virtually impossible to prove. If someone wanted to vote more than once, all they needed to do was know a name on the voter list, then use that name. That name could belong to a legitimate voter who didn’t show up to vote, or to a voter who doesn’t actually exist. Laws relaxing voter-registration requirements may have allowed groups like ACORN to stuff the rolls with names of fictitious people, which could then have been used to cast votes without any identification. Once that vote is cast, it is impossible to track down who came in and voted using that name.

In 2008, the Milwaukee Police Department issued a report detailing vote fraud that occurred during the 2004 presidential election. The police task force that issued the study said they believed 16 workers from the John Kerry campaign and third-party groups “committed felony crimes” that went unprosecuted.

The MPD found one property where 128 individuals were registered to vote — all of whom signed up for the 2004 election. Twenty-nine voters were registered at a county office building that featured no residential living. The MPD report found instances of double-voting, unopened absentee ballots appearing after the election, and deceased people voting. None of these are counted in the Brennan Center report, which has an extremely narrow definition of “fraud” — people voting who know they are ineligible to vote (felons, for instance).

The MPD task force also questioned the validity of several homeless shelters — one featured 162 registered voters, another boasted 136. As pointed out by the report, many of these homeless individuals were registered at multiple locations — and since identification wasn’t necessary to vote, anyone could have used these people’s names to vote. According to the police report, “this vote portability and the abject poverty that defines homelessness, make these unfortunate individuals vulnerable to become the tools of voter fraud by those who would exploit the homeless.”

Furthermore, the areas where vote fraud is most likely to occur are also those where it is least likely to end in prosecution. Vote fraud is most prevalent in big cities with large populations — which are almost uniformly represented by Democratic district attorneys. There likely aren’t a lot of Democratic DA’s who wake up every morning and say, “Gee, I wonder if I can demonstrate to the public that my party is engaging in vote fraud, and in the process, cost myself votes.”

In fairness, it wouldn’t occur to me to risk imprisonment to cast a few extra votes. (Then again, it wouldn’t occur to me to pepper-spray entire groups of shoppers on Black Friday in order to be the first to purchase discount electronics, but apparently people do it.) However, if I knew that the laws on the books made it impossible for me to be caught – and that even if I were caught I wouldn’t be prosecuted — it would ease my conscience a great deal. In this sense, it can be argued that more vote fraud takes place because so few people are ever arrested and convicted.

Think about all the times you’ve been told that sexual assault occurs more than we think, as victims are hesitant to come forward and press charges. (A claim I believe, incidentally.) What if we just used arrest and conviction statistics to determine how often women are assaulted? Should we assume nobody in Major League Baseball used steroids in the late 1990s because no players were suspended?

The public gets this — polls routinely show widespread support for a photo-ID requirement to vote, which would at least end the practice of name-poaching. There may be very little vote fraud; there may be a great deal. In the absence of a photo-ID requirement, we just didn’t know. We do, however, know that the bogus Brennan Center report is hardly dispositive.

— Christian Schneider is a senior fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute.