The Blood on Obama’s Hands

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation

Mark Halperin of Time shocked people this weekend by saying, “the media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants.”   The media has gone from simply being biased in favor of the liberal to being an outright media arm for the Democrat Party and the Obama Reelection campaign.


The media should be telling the story of the blood on the hands of Barack Obama.  They are not.  What is this shocking story the media is not telling us?

The blood on Obama’s hands comes from the American troops in Afghanistan.

Obama’s policy for American troops in Afghanistan can be summarized as, “Let them be targets.”

Obama has American troops in Afghanistan dying or being maimed for no good purpose.  He has no objectives here, other than not to lose Afghanistan before the election so it will not be blamed on him.

In the last eleven days, there have been nine attacks on American or NATO soldiers by Afghan soldiers or Taliban infiltrators posing as Afghan soldiers.  These are the so-called insider attacks.

What has been the response of the Obama Regime to more Americans coming home in flag-draped coffins?

They are pressuring Afghanistan to do more “screening” of recruits.  Gee, Afghanistan is a 7th Century nation.  How are they going to screen people?  There are no central records in Afghanistan.   How are they going to screen?  Unless there is a new way to start reading minds, screening in Afghanistan means nothing.

At least there is one sane military officer in Afghanistan.  General John Allen, the NATO commander in Afghanistan has now ordered all coalition military forces to carry loaded weapons with them at all times.

Afghanistan is a combat zone with the enemy carrying out unconventional attacks.  Which begs the obvious question: Why the hell weren’t our soldiers carrying loaded weapons all of the time before now?

This is the problem with Afghanistan.  We are treating it like a social welfare problem instead of a military campaign.

The first rule of war is you fight to win.   While George W. Bush deserves some of the blame for this, an overwhelming amount of the blame now goes to Barack Obama.  You do not send Americans to die in a war you have no intention of winning.

What is Barack Obama’s goal in Afghanistan?  It is to get out by 2014.  It is not to win.  It is simply to cut and run and have Afghanistan go down as another loss to America, much as Vietnam was lost.

Obama does have another strategy.  According to Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliot in their book, Fool Me Twice, Obama’s strategy is to reduce and remake the American military into an international social services agency.   Obama’s Afghan strategy not only destroys the morale of America’s military causing many patriotic Americans to leave the service instead of making it a career, it also destroys a lot of equipment that will never be replaced.

Obama has no clear-cut strategy in Afghanistan, other than to lose.

The Obama Regime has saddled our troops with rules of engagement that do not result in successful operations against the enemy and do result in casualties.  American soldiers are often forced to choose between violating those rules of engagement on the battlefield, surviving and risking a court martial or dying.

The real problem is Obama will not identify our enemy.   Islam is the enemy.  The Islamists hate us because we are not Muslims.

During World War 2, we pacified Germany after the war by de-Nazifying it.   We did the same to Italy.   We did the same to Japan.

Why aren’t we doing this to Afghanistan?

Instead of de-Islamifying Afghanistan, we bend over backwards to accommodate our enemies.  We are using taxpayer dollars to build Mosques where the Taliban then come and recruit new fighters to attack America.

Afghanistan is not worth one more American life.  Fortunately, six months from now we will have a new commander in chief.   Then the military will have a commander who supports them.

And not one who simply views them as political props.

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The Party of Fraud at work in Wisconsin

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation


English: Scott Walker, 45th Governor of WisconsinThe polls have not even closed in Wisconsin, yet the Party of Fraud is already out trying to steal the election, one way or another.

What are they doing?


With only about four hours into the Election Day voting, members of the Milwaukee Democratic Party claim that calls are going out to voters telling them if they’d signed the recall, they didn’t need to vote today.

 Milwaukee County Dem Chair Sachin Chheda said that Walker supporters can’t get through the day without “cheating.”

 “This latest lowlife sleaze comes on the heels of countless reports from around the state of various Republican dirty tricks on behalf of Walker,” Chheda said in a statement. “For instance, reports surfaced last weekend that Walker supporters are paying homeowners to post Walker signs on their lawns.”

 A state GOP source dismissed the claims, saying it was expected from Dems who have made voter suppression claims part of their playbook.

“That’s just what they do, they’re simply setting the stage for a close election,” the source said. “The story doesn’t exist until they provide evidence.”

While on its face, this is one of the stupidest things coming from a Party that regularly manages to produce some really incredibly stupid statements; there is something here.

No, the Republicans are not trying to steal this election.  They are winning this election.  Scott Walker will pull in over 50% of the vote in this election.

The purpose of this is to create the meme, much as they did in 2000, that the election was stolen.

If Walker and the GOP win, it breaks the back of the unions and the far left.  Their only recourse is to claim the election was stolen.  Much as crazy liberals still believe George W. Bush stole the 2000 election, this is the legacy the left wants to leave here.

The most disturbing part of this story is the attitude of the left.  Elections no longer matter to them.  They cannot accept the verdict of the voters.  Either the election must be relitigated until the left wins or it must be totally tainted.

Liberals no longer accept the will of the people and move on to the next election.  This bodes very badly for the future of democracy in America.

The simple truth is Democrats no longer believe in the validity of elections.  Elections for them are simply a tool to gain power.  They are not the voice by which the people speak.

To say this is dangerous is a major understatement.

It is this type of attitude that breeds tyrannies.   We must not only defeat but also totally destroy this attitude if our Republic is to survive.

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The coming tsunami of voter fraud!!!

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation


When the Democrats, aided and abetted by the RINO establishment, pushed the  Motor Voter law through, they had one thing in mind.  They wanted to get as many unlawful voters registered so they could steal elections.

With Florida probably being THE swing state this year, we should all be alarmed by this news.

From Reuters:

Florida election authorities are examining about 180,000 people who they say may not be U.S. citizens but are registered to vote in the state, an official said on Friday.

State officials are updating Florida’s voter rolls ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November. Florida is home to a large Latino population and is expected to be a critical swing state in the contest between Democratic President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Florida’s Division of Elections said it is checking the citizenship of voters by comparing its databases with those of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, which keeps track of whether a licensed driver is also a U.S. citizen.

Similar efforts have been carried out by state authorities in Colorado and New Mexico, which also have large Latino communities.

“We’re going to vet a list of 180,000 people to try to come up with a real number,” said Chris Cate, a spokesman for Florida’s Division of Elections. “We don’t want to jump to conclusions without a thorough investigation.”

Officials in Florida have so far identified more than 2,600 potential voters who may not be U.S. citizens and sent their information to local election authorities, Cate said.

Drivers in Florida are required to show proof of their legal status when they get a driver’s license or renew an old one.

Cate said cross-referencing voter rolls with the highway department information could help better determine whether voters are U.S. citizens, but he added the information was sometimes incomplete.

“Their last contact with the highway department may have been four or five years ago and they could have had the chance to become a citizen since then,” he said.

Potential non-citizen voters are notified by mail and given 30 days to respond.

You can bet your last dollar the Obama campaign and the Party of Treason are going to pull every trick out to try and steal this election this fall.    This is why we need voter ID laws.

Americans must have confidence our elections are fair.   If the Obama Regime tries to or even manages to steal this election this fall, all bets are off.

It is up to we the people to make sure they do not steal this election and make sure we get voter ID laws in all 50 states to make sure the Democrats never steal another election.

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Mitt Romney and Allen West : A Match Made in Heaven

By Peter Paton via Tea Party Nation

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

Mitt Romney is an extremely rich man and he has spent a tremendous amount of money in the Republican Primary Race to establish himself as the front runner, however he is not liked by a substantial amount of Republicans and Tea Party followers, who view Romney as being too liberal for their liking, and not connecting with them on a personal level. Apart from this disadvantage, Mitt if nominated, will face an incumbent President Barack Hussein Obama who has a $1 Billion Election War Chest, and who has a stranglehold on the Liberal Media and Press, who will undoubtedly run a ruthless  negative campaign to paint Mitt Romney as a devotee of Romneycare and other like minded Liberal policies when he was Governor of Massachuttess

To offset these disadvantages, there are some on the Right, who strongly feel that Mitt should pick the combative and black Congressman Allen West of Florida 22, who is deeply popular with the Tea Party, the ordinary rank and file Conservative on the street, and the Jewish Right, and who would bring a degree of charisma and populist appeal to the ticket, and greatly increase Romney’s chances of defeating Obama in November 2012. Colonel Allen West would be key to Romney securing the crucial swing blue collar States of Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Pennsylvannia and Illinois. West would also be the perfect pick to help Romney to eat into Obama’s Black, Jewish and Latino support which will be of paramount importance to who eventually wins the Presidential Race.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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The war on women! (How stupid does Obama really think we are?!?)

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation

Does anyone really believe anything that comes from the Party of Treason or the hard left anymore?  No one with two functioning brain cells would believe anything coming from these clowns.

The “war on women” is the latest example of bovine scatology coming from the Obama Regime.  What is really going on?

If you listen to the Obama Regime, which is hard to do if you are either capable of intelligent thought or are not blind drunk, we hear about this mythical war on women from the Republican Party.

What is the Party of Treason’s idea of a war on women?

If you listen to them, women in America are staying up at night, sleepless, worried about where their next abortion or their next birth control pill is coming from.


Only a liberal could say something that stupid and only a liberal could expect real Americans to believe something that stupid.

If you are a woman under the age of thirty, you are probably more worried about your job than you are birth control.  For Americans between 16-24, the unemployment rate is a staggering 21%

If you are a woman between 30 and 50, you are probably worried about your job.  If you are married, you are not only worried about your job, but your husband’s job as well.  You are worried about your children and whether they can afford college and if they can, will they have a job when they get out.

If you are a woman and you are over 50 you are probably worried about your retirement, if you will ever get one and if there will be a healthcare system left for you if you have a serious illness.  If you are over 50 and unemployed, your chances of gaining similar employment are not good and doing so within a year of losing your job are almost nil.

Today, 88 million Americans are not in the work force.   At least half of those are women.

Contrast this with the last time the Republicans ran the government.  In January 2007, unemployment was at 4.6%.  Gas was just a little over $2 a gallon.  We had 52 months of economic growth.

Who benefits from that?

Women.  Men. Children. In short, everyone.

Who is suffering the most from the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil?   It is hard to say who is suffering the most but women are clearly suffering, as are men in the Great Obama Depression.

If you listen to Obama and the Party of Treason, women are all like Sandra Fluke.  They want $3,000 worth of birth control, but she does not want to pay for it and neither does her rich boyfriend.

Real American women are not spending their nights worried about their next birth control pill or their next abortion.  They are worried about putting gas in their car.  They are worried about the cost of groceries for their families.  They are worried about losing their jobs and losing their homes.

In short, we can thank the Obama Regime for the things that keep American women up at night.

If there is a war on women, it is the Obama Regime who is waging it. And they are not only waging their war on women, but men as well.  The Obama Regime wants to bankrupt America.

Women are the ones who are being hit the hardest and will be hit even harder if Obama is successful.  Every woman should remember that this November.


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Americans Are Better Than Who Obama Thinks We Are

By Lloyd Marcus via Tea Party Nation

Along with their ever-present accusation that anyone who criticizes or disagrees with America’s first black president is a racist, class envy is the centerpiece of Obama’s re-election campaign.

It is extremely disheartening that the president of the United States believes he can win the votes of a majority of Americans by exploiting the sin of covetousness and hatred for the rich. In every speech, Obama claims that the rich are not paying their fair share. Please excuse my frankness, but Obama is lying.

Here are the facts.

Half the country — yes, I said half — do not pay taxes at all. Zero! The majority of federal income taxes (70%) are paid by the top 10 percent of income-earners. As for Obama’s claim that we can solve America’s financial problems by forcing the rich to pay more, it is despicable, manipulative, and hate-inspiring nonsense. There are only 8,000 Americans who earn over 10 million dollars per year. If Obama confiscated all their money, it would finance our government for only 24 days. Then what?

What group of Americans will Obama attack next by trashing and demonizing them to gain public approval to confiscate everything for which they have worked hard, suffered, sacrificed and risked all for “government” redistribution?

Our national debt has tripled since Obama has been in office. Now, I know that that does not mean a lot to most Americans. Well, allow me to put it in perspective. Every minute, we spend 3 million dollars that we do not have, borrowing most of it from China. Every minute! Our debt is bankrupting the future and enslaving our great-great-great-grandkids.

So, you can understand why I find Obama’s rants about the rich not paying enough and how people will die unless Republicans raise the debt ceiling so disingenuous and unsupportable.

But there is a much greater issue at hand. Who does this man (Obama) think, we, the American people, are? The Obama administration and his media minions are trying to convince us that the entitlement-minded OWS lowlifes represent “mainstream Americans.” They are lying.

I represent mainstream Americans. I began working when I was about ten years old. I had a paper route and worked pulling copper out of old motors for my neighbor across the street, Mr. Buddy-Roy, in his backyard. At 15, my dad got me a work permit, and I acquired my first real job during the summer at Park Sign Co. in Baltimore. There I learned how to silk-screen signs.

Interesting sidebar: experience prompted Berry, the owner of Park Sign, to always get his money upfront for political signs, because if the candidate did not win the race, Berry would not get paid.

Back to my point. Like me, most Americans do not believe they are entitled to the fruits of a fellow American’s labor. And yet, this is who Obama thinks we are and desires us to be.

We all remember our classmates who smoked dope, cut classes, and dropped out versus the kids who studied, worked hard, and became doctors. According to Obama, in his “community organizer” way of thinking, the Democratic party, and the Occupiers, the kid who became a doctor is a selfish, greedy rich person who achieved his success on the backs of the poor dope-smoking dropouts.

Please do not think I am saying everyone who is poor smokes dope. Reasonable people get my point.

Obama and company have launched a war on achievement, portraying the highly successful as selfish villains and everyone else as lowly peasant-saints who are suffering because the rich are hogging it all. Clearly, Obama is exploiting man’s susceptibility to the sin of covetousness. And to all you Christians who buy into Obama’s “fairness” garbage, shame on you. Jesus was not a socialist.

When Judas scolded Mary for pouring her expensive ointment on Jesus’ feet rather than selling it and giving the money to the poor, Jesus scolded Judas, saying, “The poor you will have with you always.” In essence, Jesus was saying there will always be those who smoke dope, cut classes, and drop out of school. Liberals’ relentless efforts to legislate equal outcomes never work. For one thing, humans are diverse in their desires.

The Obama and company vision for America is incompatible with what has made us great. Do we really want to become a nation where government dictates and caps wealth, which they redistribute equally? Heck no!

Freedom to be all one can be is the magic ingredient which has made us the most extraordinarily successful nation on the planet. America is a guy laboring in his basement to build a better mousetrap in an effort to improve the fortunes of his family and himself. Great wealth is his reward for providing rodent relief to millions. If the Obama administration confiscates huge chunks of the successful mousetrap-maker’s profits, what incentive is there for him to invest more time, funds, blood, sweat, and tears to improve his product?

It is extremely depressing and sad to think of our great country becoming as Obama sees us — a nation of entitlement-minded losers, all dependent and helpless without government. As I stated, that is not who we are as a people. We are Americans!

Incredibly, we have a leftist president who simply does not get it. We must vote Obama out in November 2012.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.  For more click here


Obama Owes America an Apology

By Marcia Wood via Tea Party Nation

U.S. military officers killed and Obama apologizes to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the accidental burning of some Qurans at a U.S. military base. He apologized to the European Countries calling Americans arrogant, lazy and misguided.

He’s apologizing to terrorists who has killed, maimed our brave military men and women who have fought to give them their freedom. He’s apologized to Hamid Karzai a man who totally disrespects Americans, in fact hates us; a man who takes our foreign aid, harbors terrorists and allows atrocious acts against his own people (Afghan women and children.) But, he has yet to apologize to Americans!

The number one apology from Barack Obama should be to the American people, the ones he’s misused, stolen from, denied them access to jobs and left their children and grandchildren with a debt they cannot pay. Here’s what he said in 2008 about our children – these are words of a traitor.

“I refuse to leave our children with a debt they cannot repay, and that means taking responsibility right now, in this administration, for getting our spending under control.” This one statement exemplifies the grandiose better than thou attitude of Barack Obama – this promise by Obama to take care of our children demonstrates that he has knowingly and actively committed treason against our great Nation.

According to Merriam Webster, “Treason is the betrayal of trust,” also the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state.

For three years this person has abused his power, placed a debt burden on Americans and their children including Obamacare, weakened our Military, refused to secure our borders, ignored our Constitution and most of all lied daily to us. His class warfare tactics and radicalism are weakening and dividing our Nation.

There are some things in 2012 that are self evident – first of all Americans have to accept the responsibility for allowing this person to become our Commander in Chief without vetting him. In 2012 States that are trying to vet Obama are being stopped by the Liberal judges who merely rewrite the law to suit their fancy.

We’ve allowed the Republicans and Democrats in our White House to chisel away at our freedoms and rights. We’ve allowed his Czars, Cabinet members, Unions, Liberal News Media and Special Interest groups to run our Government. We’ve allowed them to increase our National Deficit by 5 trillion and we’ve allowed them to distribute our stimulus money to those who would sell their soul to the devil.

To those who wish to put this mad man back in the White House, you are not better off than you were in 2008. You are playing Russian roulette with your lives, your children and grandchildren’s lives all for a false ideology that has never in the World’s history helped the poor, the middle class, African Americans, Hispanics or Caucasians. It’s an ideology that allows a few people to control your lives – it’s a process that over time will devour you lives, the lives of your children and grandchildren.

Actually an apology won’t suffice; we must remove Barack Obama and all of his radical associates from our White House. We are engaged in the fight of our lifetime against the Liberal News Media, Unions, Special Interest groups and the Obama Administration.

May God Bless America As Always, Little Tboca

Confidence: Why Obama Loses In A Landslide

By John Wiseman via Tea Party Nation

Much has been written and said about why and how Barack Obama became elected our 44th President. Every, “expert,” and his brother has sounded off with some reason or another. I have heard some of the most nuanced and smart sounding crap in explanation of this, as if a vote were indeed some great mystery of the ages, that only those with decades spent in earnest study could possibly decipher.

After all of that, here is the reason. Barack Obama was elected to be our chief executive because 52% if Americans strategically located in our various states believed, rightly or wrongly, that he would be the best choice to create an environment where they would experience the greatest improvement in their living standards. While the sentence is longer than I wanted it to be, the concept is still very simple. We, as Americans want to to enjoy the best possible standard of living that we can carve out for ourselves. Two points about this standard of living. One, we like enjoying the fruits of our labors, and we like working for those rewards. Two, we like doing it for ourselves, and feeling necessary. Being needed, is as basic a human instinct as breathing. In as much as people end up voting for the Socialized protections afforded by left of center benefactors, it is invariably because they have been scared into believing that some bogey man was waiting around the corner to steal away from them the fruits of their labors.

Here is why I believe that in 10 months time, Barack Obama will take his well deserved place as an ex President. His campaign in 2012 will not be based on convincing Americans that his policies will lead to a greater standard of living for them. He has no choice but to convince Americans that they can not have the standard of living that they want to have. He instead will try to manage expectations to the point where people are willing to expect a lower standard of living based upon the mistaken belief that the successful people in our society won’t let them have what they have earned. Class envy, fear of his competitors, manufactured crises, and a message of soaking the rich to benefit the collective is what his 2012 campaign will be about.

Over the last two years, I have been involved in several spirited debates about how electable Barack Obama is or isn’t. During each debate, three major points always seem to come up, and neither one mind you involves any actual discussion on his agenda. One, Obama is viewed as some sort of Messianic figure by a number of his supporters. Two, the main stream media is in the tank for all things left of center and will not ever question, vet, investigate, nor even report on the goings on in the Obama world. Three, his war chest will be $1 Billion. I will stipulate to two of those three points, and I still believe that he is toast. Here is why.

While it is true that many bought previously the Obama is some sort of transcendent figure, he himself is now actively campaigning against that view. Think about it for a moment. 4 years ago, while he accepted the nomination for his party as candidate Obama, he proclaimed that this was the moment when the Earth began to heal, and the waters began to recede. Compare that with his latest State of the Union address, where he redefined the American Dream as people just wanting a decent place to live and the ability to have free health care, in order to avoid bankruptcy. Telling Americans that they can not work hard to determine for themselves, what lifestyles they ultimately get to enjoy, is not a winning message to deliver. The last 4 political candidates for our Presidency that delivered this message are, in order of appearance, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, and Michael Dukakis. I would understand if those names mostly do not ring any bells, as history as rendered them to the deserved place of obscurity that they all so richly belong. Jimmy Carter did become our 39th President, but not based on his malaise message, that wonderful campaign platform did not happen until after his policies reached their inevitable failure. So, when Barack Obama resurrected the moth balled Carter ideas, the same inevitable failure naturally followed. The same message of accept the malaise has also followed. This message is a loser, no matter how much money little Barry has to spread it with.

Yes the media performed a disservice to all Americans for their lack of any type of attempt to vet Barack Obama, their complete lack of candor in accurately or even actually reporting on what his agenda would look like, their obvious cheer leading for his candidacy, their filtering of news to report for the express purpose of swaying public sentiment and thus opinion. The simple fact is, that this remains far easier to do with candidate Obama than it will be for President Obama. Americans have seen the Marxist Agenda, and they do not like it one little bit. We have outlets for our voices as well, and there are some things that have already been forgotten.

A short list to follow here. He used his political capital and the first two years of his Presidency passing three massively destructive pieces of legislation during the worst recession since WWII, none of the three had anything to with solving our economic problems. That legislation includes the Bailouts, Obamacare, and Dodd Frank. I expect who ever is our nominee to help their fellow Americans to remember this. He purchased weapons and gave them away to Mexican Drug Lords for the express purpose of promoting violent crime so that he could sway public opinion to be more amenable towards fire arms regulation. (He purposefully sought the death of American citizens in order to push gun control.) He lied to the American People about anything related to the, “Green Economy,” in order to push for his initiatives which turned out to be nothing more than his Marxist leanings legislated or pushed by executive fiat, and to pay off his campaign donors. Once the whole crony capitalism empire started to collapse, he doubled down and is still out there touting businesses and industries which have already gone bankrupt. The entirety of the Middle East and North Africa are in flames, and currently in the hands of the very same people who flew planes into the Pentagon and the WTC. We actually fought along side of those very same evil thugs in the case of Libya, and have heralded the arrival of those same thugs in the case of Egypt. I don’t know when I’ve felt so proud. Our national debt has gone from a serious problem to being a point of despair that makes me look back to the days of $450 Billion deficits as the good old days of responsibility. Gasoline is on the way to $5 per gallon, and the President’s answer is to force it higher so that we will all use public transportation or spend a massive amount of money on his electric cars, which will still rely on electricity. This will be a problem as well, since he has stated that his goal is to bankrupt the coal burning power plants, even though they account for the vast majority of our electrical productive capacity.

I could keep going on, but I believe that we should all get the point by now. Don’t despair, Whether it be Gingrich, whom I like, Santorum, or Romney, Barack Obama will have a long and healthy life, during which he will be reminded daily that the American People rejected both him and his ideas by an overwhelming margin. To make this vision a reality, all we need do is not to lose faith, to keep spreading the word, and to get out there and cast our votes when the time comes.

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Obama’s Team – One Common Denominator

By Marcia Wood via Tea Party Nation

It’s time to find out who is behind Obama; we all know that one man could not single handedly steal 787 billion dollars from us and redistribute it without the assistance and direction of others. Nor could one man increase our National Deficit 5 trillion in 3 years without the help of many, many others.

We know that one man couldn’t stop businesses in their tracks without assistance from the inside. We know that one man couldn’t choreograph the Fast and Furious gun operation, a covert operation that has caused the murder of many innocent human beings.

We know that a man running for his second Presidency term would not turn on the Churches, the military, the tea parties, the States – no one in their right mind would behave in this manner unless there were ulterior motives and he was being controlled, not in control.

Looking back over the past three plus years, it is strange that neither Republicans nor the Democrats monitored our money, nor were any one of them good stewards of the money that we loaned the Government.

From 2008 thru 2011 we watched the Liberal News, the Republicans and the Democrats carefully prepare for the next saga of American under siege. Daily they dressed in their costumes wearing many hats and presented to us a play by play blow as America was being devoured from the inside out.

They distracted us and divided us pitting the poor against the wealthy, races against races throwing in the race card, the Church card, the blame card just for sound and effect.

Obama is the puppet, a creation, a product of many evil puppeteers; he can’t move or breathe without explicit direction and marching orders.

Some call him a Muslim, others an African American, some say he’s a Heinz mixture and none of that really matters now as we head into the 2012 Presidential Election, because he’s never been vetted and no one knows who he really is, where he came from or what he has been doing for the past 50 years.

But, the most important question is this – who is behind the puppet and who pulls the puppet’s strings?

Americans will not find out these answers in the yellow pages, or at Occidental or Columbia colleges. In order to win the fight in “Taking Our Country Back,” we must first know who the enemy is…

The first thing to check out is the people who are in charge of our Federal reserve (Ben Bernanke,) the person in charge of our Treasury (Timothy Geithner,) the Chief Financial Adviser (Larry Summers,) the Chief Political Adviser (David Axelrod,) the Office of Management and Budget (Peter Orszag,) the White House Chief of Staff (Jacob Lew,) Hillary Clinton and the majority of Obama’s Czars; they all have one thing in common.

There is one common denominator that will explain why we hear of a New World Order and a new global regulatory system that would rule the World and why the FEDS remain behind closed doors.

First clue is George Soros and second would be Warren Buffet, the Old Republican Establishment, the Liberal News Media and Democrats can fill in the missing pieces if you but ask them or maybe they’ll turn tail and run.


Gibson Guitars: Six Months Later

By John Wiseman via Tea Party Nation

Gibson ES-150

Gibson Guitars, a company who’s CEO, Henry Jusckiewicz, generally supports Republicans, has been raided and harassed twice during the last 39 months. The reason the Obama Administration used to effectively harm Gibson Guitars was the centuries old Lacey Act. This is an act that was passed originally to insure that fisherman and trappers from the U.S. would not travel to Canada and violate Canadian Law in order to sell Canadian fish and wild life here in the U.S. It was passed as a part of one of the first trade treaties between our two nations. Like all good acts passed by our Congress and enforced by the cabal of bureaucrats hired to oversee such things, it has grown in scope beyond not only its original intention, but also any reasonable interpretation by those of us who inhabit reality.

To see an excellent and informative video of the raid click here.

Gibson was raided because of some wood imported from Madagascar in 2009, and again in August of 2011, this time pertaining to rosewood imported from India. In either instance, the Government has yet to file charges. The net cost to Gibson so far is several Million Dollars in confiscated materials, productive closures and lost sales. Gibson of course wants her day in court. Gibson has been denied due process and her right to a speedy trial.Part of the reason Gibson has been denied her Fourth and Sixth Amendment rights is that the Obama Administration knew, even before going on this witch hunt, that they were wrong.

Andrea Johnson, who represents the Environmental Investigative Agency, the part of the EPA tasked with enforcing their little corner of the Lacey Act, (this sentence right here should be all the proof needed to show that both the Lacey Act and the EPA have grown beyond any reasonable description of their actual intent,) made some interesting statements during this video. She stated that, “it’s not up to Gibson or any other company which laws of other countries they’re going to respect. This is an issue about the mutual respect for law around the world, and that’s what the Lacey Act says. That’s the principle behind the Lacy Act.”

I say let’s take what Johnson says at face value. In fact, on this statement, I agree whole heartedly. The problem arises in her stance of course when both Madagascar and India have already come forward in Gibson’s defense, prior to the raids, and stated that Gibson acted honorably and obeyed all of their laws in this and every other matter. It is Johnson, and the EPA who have shown no respect for the law, as her raids on their facility were a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment, not filing any charges in over three years is a violation of the Sixth Amendment. Add to this that it also stands to reason that it is not up to Johnson or any other Obama Administration official which laws of foreign nations that they are going to enforce as well. Let us not forget that in addition to harming Gibson, they have also harmed Madagascar and India, both countries who wish to continue doing business with Gibson Guitars. That she was able to make that statement with a smug little smile on her face merely adds salt to the wound that is the Obama Administration.

Johnson went on to say, “do individual musicians need to worry about the Lacey Act and about declaring their individual instruments when crossing international borders? The simplest answer is no….The government has no intention of enforcing the Lacey Act against individual owners of musical instruments.” What she of course fails to mention is that other people who are not musicians are subject to those very stiff regulations, which are certainly obscure. This is a law with real teeth by the way, as the fines start off at $100,000, and hard time in the Federal Penn. How many of you fish? What kind of wood was used in your fishing rod? Where did the wood come from? I live on Lake Erie, and often times end up fishing in Canadian Waters, as many Canadians fish here in America. The fact is, the Lacey Act has been enforced already against individuals, maybe not musicians, but others for certain. The other point is this. Even if she magnanimously decides to allow guitar players to slide, they are still in violation of the law should they fail to make the Lacey Act declaration. Just because Andrea Johnson is so selectively gracious as to allow musicians to violate the laws enforced upon the rest of us, does not mean that the next Obama Appointee will feel the same way.

This case, as well as any other, highlights the true hideous nature of the leftists in charge. They take what little authority they do have, and they find ways to add to their scope, and size. “I control this little corner of the world, and I want more.” We the people, and our consent to be governed are nothing more than an annoyance to them. That outdated document upon which our nation was founded is something to be done away with, as the founding fathers messed up by not just granting these smug little bureaucrats the authority to rule as they see fit.

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