Allen West on the Marines Incident: ‘Unless You Have Been Shot at by the Taliban, Shut Your Mouth, War Is Hell’

By William R. Mann

A voice of sanity. Thank you, Congressman Allen West [LTC, USA, Retired].

May I suggest that Her Royal Highness HR Clinton and Professor Panetta take all of their liberal civilian buddies out to fight against the Taliban (once they have rid this country of these “monstrous” Marines])?  Come, teach all of us Active, Retired and Veteran military how to lead soldiers in combat, and what their punishments should be for what amounts to malicious mischief.

They understand NOTHING about the dynamics of complex emotional and psychological factors running through the minds of young soldiers and actions before, during and after a firefight. Acts of tasteless exuberance in thought word and deed afterwards is not at all uncommon.

Case Study Offered: I was once acquainted with a P-47 pilot [Bill H: If you are still out there… Godspeed] shot down over the hedgerows of Normandy. He was rescued after running through enemy fire and under the covering fire of a platoon of the 82d Airborne. He told me that when he crashed, he literally flipped a coin to determine in which direction to run as a hail of lead was flying through the air from both directions. After rescue,  he was issued a rifle and became an asset to that unit until he could be repatriated with the Army Air Corps folks. The 82d was on a mission of clearing a village of Nazi resistance and German soldiers.

The fighting was house to block to block and house to house until the village was pacified. Typically, if there was a suspect basement window, grenades were thrown in [basements offered much cover and concealment and were often used for CPs]. They did not stop forward momentum by negotiating with the enemy or observing polite behaviors. The method of entry in other buildings often involved kicking open doors and spraying the rooms, sight unseen, with automatic rifle fire until magazines were almost empty, before assessing initial results. Again, there were no invitations to tea as long as hostile fire was coming from locations in town. Bill, told me that on one occasion, Grandpa and Grandma were sitting in a room having tea when they were cut down by bullets. In other cases, already wounded Germans were finished off during the assault on a house.

“War is,” in General Sherman’s own words, “hell.” It is the devil’s playground. Bad things happen. Soldiers cuss like never before, they adopt comforting habits like snuff, or smokes. They become hardened; their hands are usually calloused and dirty; sometimes cracked and bleeding. Real sleep is a luxury. Each new mission or deployment might be their last. They become the honey badger just to stay alive.

Tell me, had there been a cameraman with Bill’s unit, would he have filmed this? If the cameraman had filmed this,  would he have sent it to Reuters [or whomever]? If Reuters had received it, would they have shown it? Likely not. It would have been heavily edited first.

Here we have 19/20-somethings fighting and seeing their buddies killed, or seeing videos of this enemy beheading Americans [reporters, contractors, Soldiers and Marines]. They urinated on the Taliban dead. This is regrettable. After a tough battle even a leader would be tempted to do such a thing. Big deal! Hell, Patton urinated into the Rhine River and it was captured on film! What is so honorable about this bestial enemy that brutalizes his own family with atrocity, and mutilates his women relatives? So, peeing on a corpse is an atrocity now? Horse-puckey! Give them a Battalion Level punishment. Do not ruin the rest of their lives!

As to Secretaries [who never served, never were warriors]: Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and the rest,  I say talk is cheap. What hypocrites you are; you crooked politicians! You wear white-washed robes but you are rotten underneath. You talk about honor but you have no pedigree in the subject, and no moral righteousness for this trumped-up indignation. Go ahead, apologize to the Taliban, you idiots. Shame on you for continually persecuting and demoralizing your own warriors. Go ahead, finish off the world’s best enforcers and defenders of peace … you jerks. This is the real crime!

Here: See what war is really all about.

King David, using Goliath’s sword, cut off the head of Goliath after he had killed him, and God blessed King David and the Israelites. I say God Bless the US Armed Forces and the US Marines for taking the fight to the sworn Taliban enemies of civilization and the United States, and killing them!

William R. Mann, is a  retired Lt. Colonel, US Army. He is a now a political observer, analyst, activist and writer for  Conservative causes. He was educated at West Point [Bachelor of Science, 1971 ]and the Naval Postgraduate School [Masters, National Security Affairs, 1982].  He currently resides with his wife in Pensacola, Florida.  William can be reached at: